Pine Island Bank Super Savers Club

Super Savers Club Savings account is available to children 12 and younger.

  • $10.00 minimum to open 
  • Minimum daily balance needed to earn annual percentage yield > zero.
  • Prizes awarded with every deposit
  • Quarterly statements

Perfect for the whole family
  • Super Savers Club helps kids learn how to save in a fun way
  • Offers parents the chance to teach their children about saving
Resources and Fun Links for Our Super Savers

Super Saver Message

Hi Kids,

We are all Pine Island Bank Super Savers. As mascots for Pine Island Bank's Super Saver Club account, we're here to tell you that savings is a SUPER POWER. Super Savers Club account is a fun way to save that's just for kids. Let's start saving together!

-Super Saver Team