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Pine Island Bank Debit Card

  • Allows you access to funds from your checking account wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted
  • Offers quick, easy access to cash from ATMs all over the world
  • Tracks your purchases by providing a detailed description of every card use 
  • Allows you to make purchases at places where checks are not accepted
  • Allows you to get cash back at the time of a purchase



If you are traveling or vacationing out of the area, please contact us at 507-356-8328 and let us know your destination and how long you will be there. This assists Pine Island Bank in fraud prevention.  We encourage you to download the CardValet® app to help control your debit card while you travel.  Also, be sure your card is activated and your limits will be sufficient for you while you travel.


Fraudulent Activity:
You may get a text or a phone call.
Pine Island Bank’s Fraud Center will be texting you if a possible fraudulent purchase was attempted with your Pine Island Bank debit card.
Below are examples of the free text message that will come, and the response to either a YES or a NO answer.
If you do not have texting capabilities, that is OK. The Fraud Center will call you. If they do not reach you, they will leave a message with a call-back number.
If you do have texting capabilities and do not respond to the text, the Fraud Center will call you. And, as above, will leave a message with a call-back number.
Please remember to update your phone number with us whenever there is a change.

Pine Island Bank Credit Card

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